Facilitating processes

What can we do for you?

We can provide tools and processes that will help you unlock what you are currently involved in and link it to change, to future processes:

  • visualisation techniques
  • structuring your interventions to ensure success
  • understanding and applying the new principles and techniques
  • linking concepts (academic and mindless labels) with common sense
  • Shifting from thinking about to making sense
    • Making sense means piloting or trialing concepts and creating the first steps to integrating them into your practice

In particular we have tools to:

  • design and develop nationally registered qualifications
  • design, develop and implement learnerships
  • design learning and skills development programmes
  • techniques to marry theory and practice
  • develop thinking and thinking skills
  • tools and techniques to plan, design and develop quality assurance systems, procedures and, more importantly, work instructions
  • use the above with plain language and breaking through cultural barriers


Facilitation tools


Problem identification & root cause analysis

  • 5 Why
  • Fishbone
  • Problem Tree

Programme Evaluation

Appreciative Inquiry

De Bono – 6 Thinking Hats

Metaplan – Making conversations visual (similar to Participlan in South Africa)