The legacy of the Digital Jobs Africa inititiave

The Rockefeller Foundation has ensured that the Digital Jobs Africa initiative  leaves a legacy. One component of the legacy relates to impact sourcing and the other relates to DDT:

  • The Global Impact Sourcing Coalition
    Members of the coalition have “a shared commitment to advocate for this inclusive employment practice and demonstrate how impact sourcing leads to business growth and employee diversity and engagement. Member companies share a commitment to provide skills training and career advancement opportunities for individuals around the world who previously had limited employment prospects.”

A Demand-Driven Training Toolkit to Improve Youth Employability
The purpose of the toolkit is “to respond to the gap between the skills that youth acquire through formal education systems, and those skills required by employers.” “So it will be of critical use to governments, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions, universities, youth training organizations focusing on skills development, as well as donor and development partners.”

What is the toolkit?

The toolkit is an interactive PDF which outlines the best practices related to the key focus areas and then also provides a range of resources to help realise those focus areas. The focus areas are:

  • Understanding Labour Market Information
  • Partnering with Employers and Others
  • Screening, Assessing and Profiling
  • Developing Soft Skills
  • Mentoring Youth
  • Implementing Work-based Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluating DDT Programmes